Meridian Line – Cookhouse Concert Series

The Cookhouse On Main Presents…..

Meridian Line
November 10, 2018


Meridian Line - Cookhouse Concert Series


About the band:

This is Meridian Line, an Edmonton-area musical trio with a unique sound and presence that was formed in 2011. They love to ‘twist’ familiar pop, folk, and rock songs from the last few decades into memorable interpretations.

That’s them in the picture.¬†From left to right they are: Rik Cormier, Ian Bowden, and Rick Diesbourg. (Yep, they have two “ricks” in the trio! I bet that gets confusing sometimes!)

Contact us at The Cookhouse for more information – 780-785-3494. You can find more information here regarding the buffet supper option.

Check out the band online:

Meridian Line – website
Facebook page

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