Little Miss Higgins – A Home Routes Concert

The Cookhouse On Main Presents…..

Little Miss Higgins
March 14, 2019
7:30 pm

Jolene Higgins

From the Great Northern Plains of Western Canada, Little Miss Higgins struts and serenades her way, guitar in hand, lips blazoned red, onto any stage. As if she just drove in off the back-road of another time with gravel dust and a sunset trailing behind her, this pocket-sized powerhouse plays music brewed up in old-time country blues sprinkled with a little jazz and maybe a hint of folk. Whether it’s songs about passion or songs about panties, she writes about real things in a rooted and poetic way. This is all too true on her most recent award winning album, Across The Plains (2010).

You can visit her website here:

For more information visit the following websites:

Buffet Dinner Option

We will be hosting a dinner buffet for this concert as long as we have a minimum of 12 dinner tickets sold. Dinner tickets will be $23.75 + GST = $24.95. Tickets are available at The Cookhouse.

You can find more info about these bands, groups and duos online. Or give us a call at The Cookhouse and we will answer your questions 780-785-3494.

We look forward to having you in the house!

The Prairie Cats – A Cookhouse Concert

The Cookhouse On Main Presents…..

The Prairie Cats
February 23, 2019
7:30 pm

About The Prairie Cats

The Prairie Cats Band has been playing the folk music circuit for decades. Based out of Edmonton, AB, this fantastic group of four will tickle our ears with some amazing tunes in our quaint community. We look forward to a wonderful evening of music, food and fun!

Contact us at The Cookhouse for more information – 780-785-3494.
You can find more information here regarding the buffet supper option.

Upcoming Concerts for 2019

Keep an eye out here and on the Cookhouse Facebook page for special events, concerts and new events. If we incur any schedule changes that is where we will post it for you to see. Here are a list of the upcoming events so far:

Home Routes

Tickets $20.00
Thurs. Feb 14th, 2019 Pierre Schryer & Adam Dobres (BC Duo)
Thurs. Mar. 14th, 2019 Little Miss Higgins (Manitoba Duo)
Fri. Apr. 12th, 2019 Ryan McNally (Yukon Duo)

The Cookhouse Concert Series 

Tickets $20.00
Sat. Feb. 23rd, 2019 The Prairie Cats (Edmonton)
Sat. Mar. 23rd, 2019 Tim Hus (Calgary)
Sat. Apr. 27th, 2019 (TBA)

Special Event

Sat. Mar 16th, 2019
Dinner and Comedy night at “The Cookhouse Irish Pub”
Featuring The Adam Blank Comedy Show (Edmonton)

Show only $30.00 * Dinner and Show – $50.00 * Couples – $90.00
Doors open at 6 pm * Dinner at 6:30 pm * Show starts at 7:45 pm

Woody Holler – Home Routes Concert Series

The Cookhouse On Main Presents…..

Woody Holler
November 26, 2018
7:30 pm

WOODY HOLLER grew up on the Canadian prairie hearing the songs of the cowboy. Although he was later trained in opera, a sense of nostalgia holds him close to those western roots. Woody has teamed up with Winnipeg folk and jazz legend, Daniel Koulack and the two are purveying their own brand of Western Swing that Woody defines as “jazz from the saddle”. The show is reminiscent of a 1940s radio show with a sound that is nostalgic yet thrilling. The music involves clever arrangements rich with virtuosity and style. The repertoire is eclectic, fun and fascinating, featuring finger-snapping swing beats, honeyslowed love croons, a dash of opera, and show stopping “extreme” yodeling.

For more information visit the following websites:

Meridian Line – Cookhouse Concert Series

The Cookhouse On Main Presents…..

Meridian Line
November 10, 2018


Meridian Line - Cookhouse Concert Series


About the band:

This is Meridian Line, an Edmonton-area musical trio with a unique sound and presence that was formed in 2011. They love to ‘twist’ familiar pop, folk, and rock songs from the last few decades into memorable interpretations.

That’s them in the picture. From left to right they are: Rik Cormier, Ian Bowden, and Rick Diesbourg. (Yep, they have two “ricks” in the trio! I bet that gets confusing sometimes!)

Contact us at The Cookhouse for more information – 780-785-3494. You can find more information here regarding the buffet supper option.

Check out the band online:

Meridian Line – website
Facebook page

Ken Tizzard – Home Routes Concert Series

The Cookhouse On Main Presents…..

Ken Tizzard
October 28, 2018
7:30 pm

Tizzard’s rugged but emotionally expressive vocals are the perfect vehicle to drive into the heart of unique and poetic songwriting.

Ken remains very active on many different musical fronts. The Watchmen continue to occasionally perform large concerts, he works on co-writing musicals and booking shows at Westben, and as head of independent label Booth Street Records, he produces and releases albums by such area artists as Brian Finley, Muddy Hack, Ontario Kelly and Carvan Haylan, Elly Kelly, and Jane Archer and the Reactionaries

Visit the artist’s website: and sample his music here:

For more information visit the following websites:

Whitemud Drive – Cookhouse Concert Series

The Cookhouse On Main Presents…..

Whitemud Drive
October 13, 2018

About the band: Whitemud Drive (WMD) is an Edmonton, Alberta based 5 piece acoustic band originally formed in 2013. The band members have a diverse background in music including everything from classical, to orchestral, to folk, to country, to pop  and just about everything in between.  What brings the 5 members together is a common passion for playing traditional, country and bluegrass music in their unique modern style .

Whitemud Drive performs using the traditional instrumentation of guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, dobro and bass.  They put a modern and refreshing spin to their songs that audiences love using creative arrangements & layered harmonies.  

The band’s vision is to bring their diverse song selections, played using traditional acoustic bluegrass instrumentation, to Alberta audiences of all types and ages.  Nothing pleases the group more than hearing from audience members how much they enjoyed their unique approach and musical style. 

Contact us at The Cookhouse for more information – 780-785-3494. You can find more information here regarding the buffet supper option.

Check out the band’s Facebook page:

And you can contact the band directly at the following email: 

Lynnea Rose – Home Routes Concert

The Cookhouse On Main Presents…..

Lynnea Rose
September 29, 2018

Contact us for more information. (And don’t forget the buffet supper.)

Lynnea Rose is charming her way into the hearts of folk, Celtic and country fans alike. Since the release of her debut album “Lynnea Rose” in 2013, she has graced audiences all across Canada, sharing with them her beautiful voice, heartfelt songwriting and genuine stage presence.

For more information check out the following websites:

That Sangudo Thing!

Just a reminder that The Cookhouse will be closed for this event! Come find us at the Meals on Wheels BBQ and other places around That Sangudo Thing!

Upcoming Events

There are a number of upcoming events at The Cookhouse and around the community. Here is a quick peek at what’s coming up for the rest of the summer and fall.

Friday Night Darts

Coming in September we will be hosting Friday Night Darts at The Cookhouse. Please call for more information and to indicate your interest.

Home Routes Concert Series

The Home Routes Concert Series is returning to Sangudo this fall. We will be posting more information soon, but you can call Jill at The Cookhouse and she can give you the low-down! However, I do have some ticket information for you. Each concert will be $20 per ticket, or you can purchase a season pass for $102. Or combine a Home Routes season pass with the same from the Cookhouse Concert Series (see below) for $195.

Cookhouse Concert Series

In addition to the Home Routes Concert Series, The Cookhouse is also sponsoring a series as well. More information will be available soon, but the ticket information is as follows:

$20 per concert
$102 for season pass
$195 for both concert series season pass

That Sangudo Thing

We can’t forget to mention THAT SANGUDO THING. You know, that thing they do in Sangudo… I’m sure you’ve seen the posters around. It’s on the 25th of August. The Cookhouse on Main will be closed that day because we will all be participating in the festivities on at the sports grounds.  Check out for ALL the details but here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on:

  • The Legend of George Jones – Sangudo Arena – 7pm – pre-purchase tickets
  • Meals on Wheels BBQ Dinner – 5pm – pre-purchase tickets
  • Family FUN Slo-pitch
  • Competitive Slo-Pitch – all weekend – pre-register your team
  • PARADE – 11am
  • Musicians – all day
  • AND so much more!

Special Long Weekend Event

And a little surprise brewing in conjunction with Deep Creek Camping and Events. I can’t share any details yet, but I would seriously consider booking September 1st off to join us in Sangudo! I’ve seen a little of what they have in store!!