How the Cookhouse Came to Be

This is the story…

So my social media manager tells me I need to share the story of how the Cookhouse came to be.  So this is the story and I will start saying to you that the one thing I never, ever thought of as a career choice was being a cook, but here I am!

I moved to Sangudo in May of 2016 and started a hobby farm on my in-laws property.  I had some laying hens, added a few turkeys, some meat chickens and then a few pigs.  Oh and let’s not forget my bottle baby calf…Sir Loin. I enjoyed my new life, but I felt something was missing.

I came from a business background and had been a bookkeeper for near 20 years – large corporate to small business and everything in between.  I began looking for a way to serve this new community where I now resided.  My husband and I would chat at night about things we thought were needed here.  Thus the West End Meals on Wheels Program was born.  In my mind, this program was a private company, but I quickly discovered that more doors would open for the program if we became a non-profit society.  So with my newest (and now one of my best) friend, Donna that was just what I did.

West End Meals on Wheels started in the Sangudo Community Hall cooking a couple of days a week and delivering to elderly residents from Cherhill to the north, south, and west county lines.  We morphed with a bit of entrepreneurial flare and started catering some smaller events.  As the events increased in size and frequency, Donna would say, “I sure wish we had a place where we could do everything.”  Well, her dreams came true when I learned the Connections Coffee House was closing. Prayerfully, I took the leap and the risk to open The Cookhouse on Main.

Connections Coffee House was known for fantastic live entertainment; we have kept those events running.  We expanded the hours, the menu and gave the old place a face lift all in a very short amount of time. My crew worked hard to pull it off! And here we are!

Me – doing the one thing I never imagined doing, but loving it (and my customers) more every day!  The support has been overwhelming and I am forever grateful to the community and surrounding area for that.

But mostly I thank my two biggest supporters. My husband Ken, you’re amazing; I couldn’t do this without your ongoing support!  And my best friend Donna, who always has my back!  She knows what I am thinking before I ever say it out loud and has happily rolled up her sleeves to help make this venture successful.   I hope The Cookhouse on Main is here for a good, long time.

Jill Dewdney

P. S.     We are also home to the Keep Me Journal – a community newspaper serving Sangudo, Mayerthorpe and west LSAC.


  1. Hi I was wondering if you are still doing the hot meal delivery. I am interested.

    1. Good Morning Charlene, Yes we still provide the Meals on Wheels program. I will pass your email address on to Jill. Do you have a phone number you can be reached at?

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