A New Year’s Message

Happy New Year to All!!

Firstly, thank you to all of our customers who have visited the Cookhouse throughout our first eight months in business. Many thanks to those who frequent our establishment and to those who have shared the great reviews – by word of mouth, on Facebook and Google. Those first eight months of business were filled with trials and errors, and many changes, additions, and deletions to get things just right. Going into 2019, we will be the business we have been striving to create. However, there are a few more changes and additions.

We at The Cookhouse on Main have tried to bring to the community of Sangudo a place for people to gather, to socialize, and to eat a good meal. We are not afraid of trying new things including new recipes in an effort to get “it” just right for you, our customer. We have, again, fine tuned things a little bit and hope you will be happy with the changes. Rest assured that our two constants will never change: we will be here at 7:30 am each morning, Monday through Saturday; we will not raise the price of coffee!

Thank you Sangudo and surrounding areas for your continued support and patronage. We will continue through 2019 with some fabulous events, continued tasty food and always wonderful people.

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